The IT Service Management Institute (ITSMI) is a South Dakota Corporation that provides consulting and education services to help service provider organizations and IT departments design and introduce ‘good practices’, designed to gain visibility and management control over the quality and cost of services.

ITSMI was founded in 1995 and has delivered ITIL certification classes since 1996 as the first US company to achive the status of ITIL ‘accredited training organization (ATO)’. ITSMI is holder of copyright and trademark licenses number 0001 and 0001 for ITIL on a worldwide basis. ITSMI has trained many of its friends and ‘competitors’, including ManageOne, HP, CCN Corp (Hi Lou), CCS, IBM, Microsoft, and co-founded the itSMF USA non-profit organization.

We are proud to have trained the first three Presidents of the itSMF USA organization to the ITIL Service Manager level: Ken Hamilton (ManageOne), Ken Wendle (HP), and Lawrence (Butch) Sheets of Caterpillar.

More recently, ITSMI became the first organization to be approved as a registered education provider by the Service Management Institute (SM-I).


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